Salt Water Mouth Rinse 

A salt water mouth rinse has anti-bacterial and soothing properties. It can be an effective part of your oral care regimen.

It may surprise you to discover that ordinary table salt can help keep your gums and teeth clean and healthy. In fact, many people use a salt water mouth rinse as part of their oral care regimen.

How to Use a Salt Water Mouth Rinse for Oral Health

It's easy to make a salt water rinse. Simply stir about half a teaspoon of salt into a glass of warm water until the salt is completely dissolved. You don't need to use an excessive amount of salt to make an effective rinse. Hold a fairly large quantity of the solution in your mouth and swish it around the entire mouth for about a minute, making sure to coat all parts of the gums and teeth. This is exactly the way you would use regular mouthwash. Then spit out the liquid.

If there are sensitive areas in your mouth, you may find that the salt water burns a little. This is not harmful and the sensation will quickly go away. You can use the rinse several times a day, as needed.

The salt water has anti-bacterial and soothing qualities. The salt water rinse helps to loosen food particles before brushing your teeth. It also helps to kill bacteria in the mouth and to freshen your breath. If you have canker sores or other mouth irritations, a salt water rinse will ease the inflammation and promote healing. After you have undergone a dental procedure, your dentist may suggest rinsing your mouth with salt water frequently to soothe the injury and keep the affected area clean.

Some people like the idea of using a salt water rinse because it is more environmentally friendly than using a commercial mouthwash. It is also a healthy alternative for individuals who are allergic to the ingredients in store-bought products or who don't want to be exposed to the alcohol in regular mouthwash. For budget-minded people, a salt water rinse is less costly than a commercial product. Finally, even if you like to use commercial mouthwash most of the time, it's good to know that you can mix up a salt water rinse if you happen to run out of your usual product.